product / color / industrial designer



marks of time

Those who live in the memory of their loved ones are not dead, they are only a little farther away, the only ones dead, are those that are forgotten.
— Immanuel Kant

How can we keep up traditional values and combine these with our modern lifestyle? This project deals with this question. Therefore I took the classic heirloom, the watch, and reinterpreted it. My aim was to design a watch which gives the user a constant in life and at the same time offers him the possibility to keep up with the times by changing different parts. By passing the heirloom from generation to generation, the object will gain an emotional value. This value will also be optically underlined. Therefore a special index (needle) produces unique annual rings on the face of the watch which symbolize negative or positive experiences

someone has had. The family awareness will be invigorated and the user will feel a sense of belonging again. For me, it was important that the appearance of the object is connected to the sensitive theme of legacy. That´s the reason I designed the body of the watch like two abstract hands which save the heart of the family. At the same time it forms the closure. The name «kami» is Japanese and means if a person uses an object for a life time, his soul will fade to this object after his death.


The body which protects the heart symbolizes two hands which bare it. It also combines the closure of the wristband. So the opening and closing will be easier to handle. The modular construction allows all users to wear the watch any time. I designed two examples to show the varieties. This one is a business version with a metal wristband. The black one is a sport edition with a wristband made of caoutchouc. A leather model can be imaginable too.


The special index-needle produces unique annual rings on the face of the watch. They symbolize negative (black) or positive experiences (white) someone has had while wearing it. A sensor on the back of the body recognizes (by the „skin voltage“) intensive moments of the user. A „Furry-Display“ allows producing these different types of information.


On the left side you can see the heart of the family which will be passed from generation to generation. It can be used as a traditional pocket watch but also in combination with a special body as a wristwatch. The simple appearance allows the watch to be used over 2 or 3 generations. The electronic element can be updated or combined for example with a female version. So even the daughter has the possibilty to continue the family object.

The outlines show in time lapse an example of the annual rings during a lifetime. The information will be saved on the memory chip and can be displayed by using the crown. You can compare your lifetime with those of your ancestors.