product / color / industrial designer

4 the world


4 THE WORLD is a new product which evoke eco awareness and a social change. The product consists of a water tap and an app.
IOT is one of the most hyped themes at the moment. Intelligent products which interact with each other in order to improve our daily personal life. But do we really need a fridge which orders our food? I believe that we could use technology to change the world in a positive way and find answers to global issues.

Why don´t we use IOT for a global change?


The tap is a simple water tap which shows on the one hand water consumption and compares it with the average but also offers the possibility very quickly to donate money to any charity you choose.


The tap is connected with an app which shows the balance at the end of the month. If you consumed water in a mindful way and you payed more than you used. You can either save the money, donate it or split it like in the picture shown on the left side. In the settings you can choose the charity you want to send money. On the right picture you have an overview of your monthly water consumption. You can compare it with the local or global average.


The LED indicates at the end of the month the usage of water. If it´s illuminated in white you behaved in an average manner. Green indicates a plus which you can split in the settings or donate completely. If it illuminates in red you used more water than the average.